Brookies (aka food of the gods)

I hope you are ready for the deliciousness that is brookies. They are seriously ah-mah-zing. Do you love brownies? What about cookies? Then you will LOVE brookies! They are the perfect combination of cookie mixture flavour and brownie texture and are just soo super good!


I followed the recipe from Bakerella. You can change up what you put in the mixture, so I used jersey caramels, white chocolate buttons and chocolate chips.


Tips for making Brookies:

  • Chop up any large additions you are using e.g. I cut the caramels into quarters before hand (they were like an inch square!)
  • Brown sugar makes the final product a lot richer, but white sugar works fine if you are out.
  • To get the right final consistency, test as you would your favourite brownie recipe. Some like a knife inserted into the mixture to come out clean, some like it slightly undercooked to get the gooey yummyness. I found the timing given by Bakerella worked fine in the different ovens I have made this.
  • Cut it in the pan when the brookie has cooled slightly but is still warm (this way you don’t get weird cracks on the surface). If you don’t want pieces to ooze a bit, what until completely cool before you remove them from the pan
  • Try different combinations! Nuts taste amazing in it as well.



Everyone who tried these absolutely loved them and thought they were the best baked good around.

Give them a go and let me know how you like them. Are there any flavour combinations you prefer? Maybe butterscotch? (We don’t have that many baking chip flavours here.)

Ttfn :)

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